Goals and Values

The Nicola Watershed Community Round Table has three goals to guide its activities. They were developed in the early years and have been revisited from time to time, most recently in 2010.


Quality of Life

We, the residents of the Nicola watershed, will practice integrity in our dealings with others,

accept differences without judgement, and support freedom and independence for all. Our individual pursuit of opportunity, happiness and well-being will not be at the expense of or to the detriment of others. We will accept responsibility for ensuring that the environment (land, water, air) remains healthy and self-sustaining.


Forms of Production

We, the residents of the Nicola watershed, will make responsible use of the varied natural resources found within our boundaries. The utilization of these resource and other opportunities will be done in a manner that will ensure a secure, just and tolerant community without prejudice to any culture or personal circumstance. Furthermore, this use will provide for the health, education and spiritual needs of all residents.


Future Resources

The Nicola watershed has adapted to the changes of the past 100 years. Consumption of water and fuel is reduced. The population is eating differently and growing a diversity of crops, some of which were not grown 100 years earlier.


Forested uplands, productive grasslands, diversified agriculture and healthy riparian zones characterize (makeup) the watershed.


The residents are well informed about their natural resources and a water use management plan guides the management of the water resource.


The water and mineral cycles function to maximize benefits to all.


Communities are healthy, vibrant and economically sustainable. Educational opportunities abound.

Water is precious. We use water sustainably and with the least disturbance to the natural cycle.


The mineral cycle functions to support healthy ecosystems.


Healthy and diversified plant communities provide for efficient energy flow. In making decisions for our community, we are mindful of the impacts of man-made structures (infrastructure footprint) on energy flow.


Plant communities are established, thriving and moving through their stages of succession. In our decision-making, we recognize the human impacts of this process.


Values of Residents of the Nicola Watershed

The values of residents of the Nicola watershed inform the work of the Round Table.


These values are:


pleasure, happiness, satisfaction, wilderness, nature, peace, tranquility, harmony, spirituality, responsibility, independence, education, lifelong learning, acceptance, appreciation, understanding, respect, heritage, sense of history, choices, options, opportunities, community, citizenship, clean environment, local decision making power, family, relationships, love, friends, self-esteem, humility, sustainability, prosperity, creativity, trust, integrity, honesty, pride, optimism, positive attitude, sharing, employment, prosperity, freedom, security, safety, affordability, health



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