Topics of Discussion

Over the years, the NWCRT has been a means to bring forward community issues and concerns. As issues arose or topics were brought forward by individuals, the Nicola Watershed Community Round Table sponsored and facilitated community meetings.


Among the topics and issues which the community discussed and learned about were the following:

  • Nicola Lake Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Project
  • Climate Change
  • Coalbed Methane
  • Changing Health Care Delivery
  • Co-generation
  • Water Resources in the Watershed
  • Merritt’s Official Community Plan
  • Lakes, Land and Resource Use Plan
  • Recreation Considerations in the Nicola Valley
  • Wildlife Species and Their Habitat
  • Landfills, Recycling and Waste
  • Water Issues in the Nicola Valley
  • Riparian Zone Management
  • Water Temperature Sensitive Streams
  • Nicola Dam
  • School Board Amalgamation

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