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Nicola Watershed Community Round Table Meeting


The Nicola Watershed Community Round Table (NWCRT) is about people coming together, listening to each other, learning from each other, understanding each other’s point of view and, from time to time addressing and resolving issues through consensus decision making. The NWCRT was founded in 1994 and the purpose is to inform, communicate and educate the public about local issues. Over the years, the NWCRT has been a means to bring forward community issues and concerns. Public forums have been held since 1996 on a range of issues from School Board Amalgamation, Health Care, Timber Supply, Biosolids, and Water.


The NWCRT built a five year Water Use Management Plan in the early 2000’s and facilitated a number of studies around the watershed to better understand our needs around this precious resource. 


The NWCRT built a Grasslands Interpretive site that is well used and loved to this day at the top Lundbom Hill. This was no small feat and 20 years later, with the dedication of some key people, it remains a relevant and informative destination. We would like to thank Nicola Log Works, for their generous labor to keep the kiosk maintained and to Gerry Sanford for his endless hours looking after the details at the site. 



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